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Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. In recent times, many people are making the decision to live alone. What are the causes of this? Does it have positive or negatives effects on society? Recently, the number of people who live alone is increasing in the world. Many people want to live far away from their families.

There are many reasons for this and it is agreed that this have a negative aspects on the society. Analysing both the reasons of living alone as well as drawbacks of this on the community will show this. Firstly, there are many reasons of why people decide to be alone and leave their families. One of the reasons is lack of relationship among members of family leads to a person to live alone. For example, when a problem occurs between two persons, who have a weak relationship, in a family.

Consequently, these persons leave their families and live far away. Another reason is that many people want to be independent. For instance, recently many youngers work and make many that help them to live independent and then get marriage. Thus this makes it clear why some people decide to live far away from their families. Secondly, as a number of people who want to live alone increase, this have a negative effects on the society. One of the effects is the social activities in the community decrease and the cooperation becomes weak.

For example, the old people do not obtain a help when the relationship among members of society is weak. Another effect is young people when be alone may be attractive by criminals and they do crimes in the society because they do not receive advices from their parents. From this it becomes quiet evident that living alone have many drawbacks on the society. In summary, many reasons make people live alone and this has many negative aspects on the community.

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After analysing the reasons and negative effects of this, it is predicted that disadvantages of this subject much more than advantages. Hi can someone review my writing for this change in society essay and give it a band score if possible please? In some societies, stress is now regarded as a major problem, and it is thought that people suffer from more stress than they did in the past.

However, others feel that the amount of stress people have today is exaggerated. They say that previous generations were under more pressure, but the idea of suffering from stress did not exist. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. It is undeniable that life has been upgraded remarkably for the last decades. People live an easier and more convenient life, yet are put under a lot of of pressure, which is now one of societies' biggest issues. However, some people argue that people today do not suffer from as much stress there was in the past when the concept of stress did not exist.


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I personally think that each generation deals with different kinds of pressure. To begin with, people in modern societies tend to have numerous concerns whilst pursuing a high living standard. Employees are forced to work longer hours which results in a large amount of stress. Modern problems in finance, business, education and relationships usually put people in distress as well. Moreover, pollution caused by technology development has brought about a lot of serious diseases adding up to the endless list of today's concerns.

On the other hand, life of the previous generations was no less stressful. Without the help of technology, people in the past would have a lot of difficulties in doing everything on their own. Furthermore, as a result of war and ages of economic depression, poverty and diseases became the largest problems most people had to face. However, they were not likely to suffer from emotional instability from pressures. Common today's mental illness resulting from stress such as bipolar, eating disorder, social anxiety did not exist. In conclusion, I think that the pressure that each generation is under aredistinct and incomparable.

Nevertheless, unlike us, our ancestors had learned to manage it quite well. Popular hobbies and interests change over time and are more a reflection of trends and fashions than an indication of what individuals really want to do in their spare time. To what extend do you agree or disagree? From dawn of the civilization, people have been choosing and changing their leisure time activities which have effect on combination of socio economic development tendency and styles rather than individual contribution.

Although it is evident that modern society convinces the people providing popular ideas which have great interest, personal choice in selecting pastime activities should be given priority. The internet shopping, for example, is gaining popularity in Bangladesh day after day. To expedite the overall cultural development, such type of habits makes people more influenced than ever before.

Moreover, watching satellite TV helps people to adopt which spare time functions can bring enriched our society ongoing fashionable style. People also accept the most favorable outfits that make them to dream in life. On the other hand, if the modern science engulfs our personal taste, then our individual liking will be abolished.

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In this case, identity of a person might not be exposed and creativity is not supposed to be expected as per demand of society. Of course, to thrive the society, we should heed to blossom the innovation of individual works. Basically, different people have different types of choices that depend on their view. So, we cannot avoid the ongoing world. Please comment on my hobbies and Interests Changing Over Time essay. Some people consider public libraries to be unnecessary due to the availability of information on the Internet. Others, however, believe that libraries can still play an important role in society.

Discuss both views and give your opinion. No one would deny that with the high accessibility of the Internet, libraries have been given less importance in society, compared to the past. While some people believe that the public libraries are no longer essential because of the Internet, I believe that libraries still make a positive contribution in our societies.

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On the one hand, the Internet enables the users to obtain a wide range of information regardless of their locations. People would not travel to a local library in order to read books or any other reading materials as they have access to the information via the web research. For example, if an individual inserts few keywords on the websites, he will be given a rich variety of the related information from all over the world within a minute. Therefore, using the Internet for acquiring information may cause a situation where visiting libraries seem to have no necessity for the Internet users.

Nevertheless, I do believe that the existence of libraries in society should not be able to regard as pointless. A library is much more than a means of distribution of the information; it also has a vital role in a whole community through different sorts of workshops. Those arranged classes may become a key to tackling some social problems. To take Denmark as example, the public libraries have held several community activities, such as computer teaching sessions for the old to lessen the generation gap in using technology devices and the recruitment resources centre for job-seekers to curtail unemployment rates.

By having libraries, people will continuously acquire a variety of information, which benefits the society. To recapitulate, even though it is preferable for the public to use the Internet for the rapid acquisition of information instead of libraries, I believe that libraries possess more benefits not only for users but also for a society. Currently there is a trend towards the use of alternative forms of medicine.

However, at best these methods are ineffective, and at worst they may be dangerous. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Traditionally, people in the past used alternative medicine for a long time. Nowadays, many people are still using this medicine to treat a lot of diseases. It is agreed that alternative medicine is not useful and sometime dangerous. Analysing both invalidity of alternative medicine to treat many illnesses as well as the dangerous of drugs in this medicine will show this. Firstly, alternative medicine does not use techniques and facilities that are important to treat a lot of illnesses as modern medicine do.

For example, many diseases require surgery operations to succeed by using many technical devices such as sonar and X-Ray that help doctors to perform these operations in a best way. Therefore, alternative medicine is not the best to process many illnesses.

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Thus this makes it clear why alternative medicine is not effective and useless. Secondly, drugs in alternative medicine do not tested scientifically to specify if it is dangerous or not. For instance, alternative medicine uses plants to produce drugs and these plants may be contain toxic materials or any other dangerous substances. So, when human uses these drugs that are harmful, the state of person may be worse and sometime lead to death.

From this it becomes quite evident that alternative medicine may be dangerous and harmful. In summary, alternative medicine has many drawbacks such as useless and sometime very dangerous. Thus, it is clear why the idea of using alternative medicine is helpful to treat many diseases cannot be supported. After analysing this subject, it is predicted that negative aspects of using alternative medicine much more than positive ones and the government should have full control of using alternative medicine. People nowadays live longer than they used to. What caused this situation? Is it a negative or positive development?

Time is running and we are keeping our pace so as to chase it but in doing so our style of living life has also been changing from traditional and conventional to modern sophisticated luxurious form. As a result, we are consuming healthier balanced diet and using less physical force in performing jobs which is soaring our life expectancy a bit longer than we used to live in the past.

By contrast, it is highly contentious as some are in favor of this ideas and others are antagonistic to this. To begin with potential merits, as we are stepping on this modern era of world which is driven by advanced form of technologies and lots of other advancement everybody has strong proclivity for living life with fullest use of these development.

Thus, we are avoiding muscle demanding work but intensively using machinery aides. Similarly, our way of nutrition intake has been changed to proper form and in scheduled way.