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Being aware of teen peer pressure and attempting to reach those teen with a survey research project will need to be short, informative and at their level of understanding. What is the best way to approach the subject without turning teen off with another boring lecture or presentation from an adult? This research will attempt to understand why teens are refusing to wear their seat belt when it is the law. How as a society can it be addressed and taught to teens so they can be safe and be able to understand the.

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Car Accidents in America Essay al. Words: - Pages: 6. Popular Essays. Ready To Get Started? Create Flashcards. Discover Create Flashcards Mobile apps. The seat-belt is the single most effective feature in a vehicle to reduce the severity of injury to the vehicle occupants that results from road traffic crashes. Failure to use a seat-belt is a major risk factor for road traffic deaths and injuries among vehicle occupants. Passengers who do not wear seat-belts and have a frontal crash are most likely to suffer a head injury. The financial burden of increased death and injury severity can have a major impact on the finances of the government and local communities which deal with road crash victims and their families in the aftermath of a crash.

Legislation of use of seat-belt was first implemented in the Australian state of Victoria in , which later gained acceptance in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. In many low-income countries, there is no requirement for seat-belts to be fitted or used, and rates of use are therefore correspondingly low.

For many of these countries, there is significant potential for improvement in the wearing rates of seat-belts. Many of them are referred from other health care facilities around the country for evaluation and further specialist care. This hospital is a first-generation teaching hospital located in the southwestern part of the country.

The patient load is from all the six geo-political zones of the nation because of the number of specialists and the facilities available for diagnosis and patient care. Most of the patients present with injuries to the limbs, head, maxillofacial region, abdomen blunt and penetrating , chest and spine. Studies have shown that the number of fatal injuries can be reduced by the use of seat-belts.

Most motorists in our country still believe that the use of seat-belt is an unnecessary inconvenience and are only able to comply when law enforcement agents are around. The use of seat-belts has been found to be effective in reducing the severity of injuries attributable to motor vehicular crashes. This is a prospective study that was conducted between April and September All patients including the dead presenting in the emergency department of our hospital who were occupants of motor cars, buses and heavy duty vehicles involved in road traffic crashes were included in the study.

An informed consent was obtained from all the patients or the relations and a proforma was completed for each patient or deceased by the medical officer in attendance. Information about those who were brought in dead from the scene of the crashes was either obtained from the relations or co-passengers who were not seriously injured.

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Physical examinations were carried out on the patients to determine the pattern and the extent of injuries. The patients were followed up until they were discharged home from the hospital. A total of motor vehicular injury victims who had been involved in road traffic crashes within the metropolis and adjoining highways in the city were reviewed. The mean age of the patients was Eighty-nine Figure 1 shows age distribution of patients involved in the road crashes. One hundred and twenty-one Ten There were 5 All the patients who died prior to arrival in the hospital did not use seat-belt.

Those who died after admission died between 1 and h of arrival. One patient each died after 1, 2, 3, 6, 24, 34, 39 and h, while two patients each died at 10, 36, and 48 h. Figure 2 shows injury severity in patients and the use of seat—belts. Eighty-six Table 1 shows a breakdown of seat-belts' use and the incidence of mortality. The reasons adduced for the crashes include reckless driving, burst tyres, brake failure and drunkenness.

Other reasons given include propeller and axle dislodgements.

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Figure 3 shows type of vehicles and the use of seat—belts. Injury mechanisms include ejection from the vehicle These are as a result of rear, side or frontal impact collisions of the involved vehicles.

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Table 2 shows a breakdown of the collisions involved in the road traffic crashes. There were 65 Figure 4 shows the seat occupancy and the use of seat-belt. A few of the patients, however, presented at our health facility by themselves. Details of the mode of rescue of patients are shown in Figure 5. The patients were brought to the hospital in FRSC vehicles Five 3. The number of deaths and disabilities due to road crashes escalates every year. Strangely, this is most marked in Africa, where ownership of motor vehicles is among the lowest in the world. The first human fatality associated with a motor vehicle was a pedestrian in The severity and complexity of injuries from road traffic injuries is worsening by the day.

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We found car drivers complied more with seat-belt use than commercial bus drivers in this study, a finding which is similar to those of Cook et al. Use of seat-belt is very crucial in preventing deaths as a result of road traffic crashes, and this study, just like previous ones, shows a significantly increased risk of death in road crash victims who did not wear seat-belts. This is even more likely with non-usage of seat-belts. More detailed analyses indicate that seat-belts are most effective in frontal impacts and run-off-road crashes, where the probability of being ejected is high if seat-belts are not worn.

Among the disabling injuries, those to the leg and neck occur most frequently. It is estimated that seat-belt use prevented about 15, deaths in the United States in If all passenger vehicle occupants over 4 years of age in the United States had used seat-belts in , nearly 21, lives could have been saved i. Many reasons have been associated with road traffic crashes. These include human errors like excessive speeding, dangerous overtaking, alcohol and drug abuse, driver distraction such as use of cell phones and poor driving standards.

Have you ever been in a car crash? If you have, were you wearing your seatbelt before you crashed? Seatbelts offer the most protection you get if you get in a car crash. If you happen to crash then you are going to be thrown forward at 25 mph. If you have your seatbelt on, then it stops you from being flung forward.

There are many different types of seatbelts. The most common one you see everywhere is a three point seatbelt. Similar to the lap and shoulder, but it is a single continuous length of webbing.

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  6. Both three-point and lap-and-sash belts help spread out the energy of the moving body in a collision over the chest, pelvis, and shoulders. The three point belt is the standard seat belt for road cars.